The Infamous First Blog

Hello world (or just myself),

This is the first blog of (hopefully) many, so I do not go insane keeping my thoughts to myself. I have always enjoyed writing, but when I shoved off on the college voyage I decided to try the science thing and major in biology. So now-a-days whenever I write it is usually only about plant growth variation or ideas to help save the vaquita dolphins, who are on the verge of extinction. (These are not the only two things I write about, these are just the first papers that popped into my head).

I have trouble talking to people about my feelings or thoughts. Usually people will come to me if they need advice (I am not sure why) or if they just want to talk (apparently I can be a good listener), but if you are introverted like me, and you don’t socialize with people easily, maybe you will enjoy reading my thoughts.

I can imagine that my first few posts will be about my family, just to introduce them to you, because they are all sort of fantastic, even my brother-in-law. After that we will delve into my everyday life and the people who I come into contact with on a daily basis, it will hopefully be more interesting than I think it is.

So with my social awkwardness and love for random things I begin this blog… now.

<Imaginary ribbon cutting ceremony, confetti everywhere – the whole nine yards>

Signing off officially, S.




One thought on “The Infamous First Blog

  1. Well, welcome to the blogosphere! The problem with being a introvert is that people often feel like you’re a good listener, but since we’re introverted, we have a harder time putting our thoughts out there. Blogging is good for that. 🙂

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